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The Bad Date List is a Toronto Ontario Canada based Bad Date database. To sign up we need to confirm you’re a sex worker. We do our best to only allow sex workers the ability to search the list of bad dates. A current or former sex worker will review your sign-up information. PLEASE SIGN UP WITH THE EMAIL ADDRESS ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR SEX WORK BUSINESS. If possible, include things like a link to a recent online ad, your website, twitter, etc. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR TWITTER BIO, AD, OR WEBSITE, HAVE THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU'RE USING TO SIGN UP WITH SOMEWHERE ON THEM! When you create reports, they are completely anonymous and not linked to your name in any way.

If you do not have an online ad or website, you can sign up in person at one of the following sex work friendly drop-ins, and ask for Monica.

  • Maggie’s 526 Richmond Street East 416-964-0150 (Speak to Monica or Jean). A board member from the Bad Date Coalition will be available for sign ups at Maggie's Real Work Group. Please contact Maggie's for information on the Real Work Group, but basically it's a casual monthly meeting for sex workers to talk about work, and enjoy a free dinner together. You can also sign up at Maggie's during The Lounge (conversation, coffee, snacks, harm reduction and safer sex materials) every Wednesday 2-5pm.
  • Street Health 338 Dundas Street East (416) 921-8668 (Speak to Ray or Monica)
Please sign up with the email address associated with your sex work business.
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This site is restricted to sex workers only, so we require proof that you're a worker. This can be a recent online ad, your website, your Twitter account, or anything else you use to promote yourself.

You'll receive an email with a link in it to confirm your email address. If for some reason you can't find this, check in any "Spam" folder you might have in case it ended up there. If you want another email, you can request it be sent again.

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