Bad Date List

What is a Bad Date?

The term “bad date” is used to describe an episode of violence enacted upon a sex worker, as well as incidents of theft, refusal of payment, threats, rudeness, time wasting, harassment, aggressive behaviour etc. Basically, anyone you’d want to help other sex workers avoid or warn them about.

How do I report a bad date?

You can always report a bad date online without signing in, just click on the reports button, and then on report a bad date.

You can also report by leaving a voice mail: 416-765-6009 or sending an email to

How do I search someone on the bad date list?

If you’d like to search the bad date list, you’ll need to sign up and become a trusted member. Becoming a trusted member let’s you search the bad date list, so you can see if another sex worker has any negative things to say about a client. To learn how to sign up, click on “login”.

Who is the Bad Date Coalition?

The Bad Date Coalition (BDC) is a social action group based in Toronto, Ontario Canada dedicated to improving safety for people involved in sex work. We are sex workers (current and former) as well as allies. The BDC believes that reducing stigma and ending criminalization is central in eliminating violence against sex workers. For more information visit